Herbes is a store of dietetic and natural products that currently has three physical stores located in Pineda de Mar and Sant Pol de Mar (Barcelona, ​​Catalonia). The company was founded in 1994 by Lidia Barcons with the dream of being able to provide service to customers through the sale of natural products and, not least, to fulfill a formative and informative work on a different way of living, more natural, optimistic, creative and above all conscious. Based on this information, from Herbes the customer has always received full support to solve their problems, both physical and spiritual,  in terms of health and happiness.

During these twenty years the company has grown and settled in the market for diet products. As the main objective is to continue to serve in the best way possible, with a code of honor high and subject only to what the customer needs, the next logical step was to reach all those who for physical and distance issues could not reach our  shops. For that reason we have created this website, www.herbesmaresme.com as well as our online store www.herbesdieteticaynutrición.com and our blog www.clavedevida.com, these follow our same guidelines of work, based on honesty and information in order to communicate through the virtual world with people around the world who need our assistance.

We want to meet our objectives and we can undertake this journey in order to serve and help you.

Pineda de Mar

Roig i Jalpí, 2
08397 Pineda de Mar
93 762 37 50

Poble Nou (Pineda)

Venezuela, 2 junction Avenida Hispanitat
08397 Pineda de Mar
93 769 70 70

Sant Pol

Consolat de Mar, 53
08395 Sant Pol
93 760 20 85